Being Me: An Emotional Well-Being Journal

Aimed at independent use at by children at KS1, this Journal can be used with early years as young as 3 with adult support and interpretation. Within ‘Being me’ there are guidance notes for how to use the resource both for professionals and parents, should you prefer to send it home.

Children are invited to make statements about themselves, to make choices and to accept themselves before themes are introduced that relate to interacting as a social being. Empathy, gratitude and forgiveness are explored as well as the delicate areas of making trusting relationships and not feeling guilty for adult behaviours. Children also explore how to keep healthy and vital and how symptomatic pain can have an emotional source. This is an awareness Journal that allows children to develop emotional intelligence. The Journal has advice for parents and professionals who may have concerns about the mental well-being of the very young.

Being Me: A Butterfly Print Emotional Well-Being Journal

Each page of the Being Me journal looks at an aspect of staying resilient e.g.

  • accepting yourself
  • staying calm
  • understanding fear
  • how to manage loss and change
  • understanding it’s not your fault
  • building self-confidence and a sense of personal power so as to make good choices


The Journal has a gentle, therapeutic approach that explores feelings and how to trust them. It emphasises the importance of loving one’s self, how to deal with negative emotions such as fear, and unexpected change, such as loss and bereavement.

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