We are delighted to announce we have now teamed up with Early Years Story Box. Early Years Story Box is a subscription website and online shop that provide children’s storybooks and Early Years teaching resources. Click here to subscribe now!

Digital Story Box Sets

EYSB Digital Story Box SetsDigital storybook with accompanying Activity Packs & Planning Guides

Our resources can stand completely alone and cover all areas of learning. However, what makes them truly unique is that they link to our storybooks. This gives children so many more opportunities to explore their imagination and creativity, because throughout even the simplest of tasks, they can relate to the characters and storylines. It also supports their emotional wellbeing because by doing this, they also get the chance to process their own thoughts and feelings about the key messages within each story.

EYSB Digital Story BooksDigital Storybooks

Beautiful Flipbooks that can be read on any device. These are perfect for allowing children to explore ICT. We also sell physical copies of our books in our online shop.

EYSB Activity PacksActivity Packs

Each Story Box Set includes at least 20 Activity Packs. Each pack has a main resource (for example a pencil control activity, mask making, jigsaw, storyboard activities, letter formation etc). However, they also have additional resources that compliment the main activity and give an all round learning experience that covers all areas of learning.

Planning Guides

Each Activity Pack comes with a Planning Guide. This is a document that gives you ideas of how to use each Activity Pack. There is a section for each of the 7 areas of learning and there are suggested activities written under each section. This document also links to Fundamental British Values and has space for you to write down child initiated ideas.

Every year we will add a new Story Box Set to your Membership for no extra cost

Additional Resource Boxes

We also add additional topic-based resources throughout the year (for example, Christmas, Diwali, Minibeasts etc). These are not linked to a storybook, however, they allow children to explore different topics throughout the year and provide hours of educational fun. You can also make a request for specific topics to be added to the Membership via our online community!

Resource Boxes will be added to your Membership throughout the year for no extra cost
Online Community

We invite all of our Members to join our online community. This is an inspiring group for everyone to share their ideas and to support each other.

Online Shop

We also sell physical copies of our storybooks and Members get a huge 30% off! Sign up here for 30% off!

You can also buy physical copies of these digital storybooks right here at Butterfly Print…