LittlemagictrainEveryone wants kids to be active, creative and have fun which is why we are delighted to announce we have teamed up with Little Magic Train so that you can combine all 3!

Littlemagictrain is a cost effective, therefore a sustainable educational activity and most important – its fun!

100’s of Nurseries, Flying Start settings, Children’s Centres and Playgroups in the United Kingdom use the resource pack.

Little Magic Train is ideally suited for 2 to 4 year olds but can be adapted for younger or older children.

The Littlemagictrain Resource Pack is an interactive cross-curricular pack with unique movement, drama and music sessions designed for children from 2 to 4 years of age.

These sessions are designed for adults to teach children without having any experience in movement, drama or music to help improve your child’s physical abilities, listening skills, language and creative expression. The sessions are also a springboard for further learning.

Pack 1 is just £149 and includes:
  • 12 sessions plans with illustrations
  • syllabus
  • music
  • 200 stickers
  • teachers whistle
Pack 2 (add-on) is just £80 and includes:
  • 6 sessions plans with illustrations
  • syllabus
  • music
  • 100 stickers