Mental Health Journals

Our Mental Health Journals are written by a Mental Health specialist with an education and psychology background. They are a personal activity book that can be completed week by week individually or as group work. Each journal is designed to cover the needs of a particular age group or key stage, although there is some flexibility either way.

Early Years/Key Stage 1

Being Me: A Butterfly Print Emotional Well-Being Journal

‘Being Me: An Emotional Well-Being Journal” is designed so that children in KS1 can work on it independently, exploring their developing personality and developing emotional intelligence and empathy. It can, however, also be used in Early Years education with children as young as 3 with adult support.

Key Stage 1/2

Understanding Me - A Mental Wealth Journal

“Understanding me: A Mental Wealth Journal” meets the needs of older children, particularly in Primary education preparing to undergo the daunting transitions that life begins to present at this stage. Aimed at children in KS2, the journal can nonetheless be used by younger children and is often also appropriate in KS1.

Key Stage 3

Butterfly Print Live Out Loud Self Awareness Journal

“Live Out Loud – A Self-awareness Journal” is a discreet notebook, designed to appeal visually to the target demographic. This journal enables and empowers young people as they transition from Primary ecuation to Secondary and from child to young adult.

Key Stage 4

“It’s All in the Mind: Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff” is aimed at 14-15 year olds and addresses the young person who is feeling overwhelmed, thinking about things that could go wrong and who has a roller-coaster emotions.