‘Can Do Kid’ Journal

We are delighted to announce we have teamed up with the wonderful Sue Atkins to bring you our latest product for schools … The ‘Can Do Kid’ Journal!

The 'Can Do Kid' Journal for Super Heroes'Can Do Kid' Journal Inner Pages

‘Can Do Kid’ Journal – £6.99 each (minimum order 5)

Have you ever met someone who has a ‘Can Do’ positive attitude to life, who is bursting with natural energy, ready to ‘have a go’ at new things and is fun to be around?

Well that ‘Can Do’ Attitude can be taught, nurtured, encouraged and developed.

The ‘Can Do Kid’ Journal is all about helping children feel more confident, more assertive and more relaxed in all areas of their lives. Knowing that they have some tried and tested strategies, simple practical techniques and a highly effective set of tools can empower them to make some small changes quickly & easily that will make a complete difference to their lives.

The ‘Can Do Kid’ Journal will empower a generation of children to become creative, innovative, independent, resourceful, resilient & confident in their own abilities to try new things, to tackle anything and bounce back after setbacks.

'Can Do Kid' Journal Inner Pages'Can Do Kid' Journal Inner Pages

It will build the positive mindset, motivation & long term self-confidence & self-worth that children need to succeed as they learn to develop a ‘Can Do Kid’ attitude to Life.

Bursting with practical and fun activities from The Magic Toothbrush Technique to The Happiness Jar this Journal will help children believe in themselves, celebrate their talents & strengths and let go of the negative voices that keep them stuck and held back.

The ‘Can Do Kid’ Journal will help children to:
  • Celebrate & develop their talents & strengths.
  • Explore, learn and discover more about themselves.
  • Grow in confidence, excitement & curiosity by focusing on the positive aspects to their life.
  • Move away from problems and fears with tried & tested empowering strategies.
  • Develop their courage as they learn to become more resilient & resourceful.
  • Set specific intentions for their lives – turning dreams into goals with a date.
  • Embrace life with all it’s amazing opportunities, free from fear.

By simply doing the fun activities in the ‘Can Do Kid’ Journal regularly, children will learn to create the sort of life that they will really love, get excited by, and truly enjoy. They will learn to be responsible for inventing an incredibly positive, well lived life, full of wonderful opportunities and great memories – a life they truly deserve and can personally choose, by simply having a ‘Can Do Kid’ attitude. What better gift can you give a child than to have a ‘Can Do’ Attitude to Life?

What our customers say:

Hi Sue, just wanted to say thank you so much for the Can Do Kid journal. I ordered it for Katie as soon as possible, it arrived Saturday morning and Katie could not wait to start filling it in. She remembers the activities we did when we came to see you. It is a great way to reinforce the lessons from the Confidence Classes. Thank you again for everything you do. Nicola

From a Learning Mentor:

I’m Fiona and I’m the Senior Learning Mentor across the Federation, my main base being at Arbourthorne. I have really enjoyed using the journals with my group of Y5’s, the children have been so keen and enthusiastic and ask me daily if we are meeting to see what’s coming up next! I have to say that the journals have taught me so much about the children individually. – F Smith, Arbouthorne School, Sheffield

From a first time user:

First copy in use already… & early feedback is great (from 2 x 10 year old girls, best friends who started working through our first copy together!

From an education professional:

‘It’s brilliant & should be in every school that thinks about children before SATs, OfSTED et al!’ – Ger Graus OBE Director of Education & Partnerships at KidZania UK

Not only that, but the website lifehacksforkids.co.uk has reviewed the ‘CanDo Kid’ Journal, and they loved it! You can read more here. To place an order the ‘Can do Kid’ Journal for your school, simply email candokid@butterflyprint.co.uk with the quantity you require along with the invoice/delivery address. Your order will be despatched within 24 hours.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

'Can Do Kid' Journal Inner Pages