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Butterfly Print supply a wide range of printed and physical resources designed to support Mentally Healthy Schools, whether it’s mental health journals designed to support children in every key stage, publications on how to deal with and effectively manage mentally healthy schools, or simply physical products to help manage stress (like our cool squeezable stress hearts). Our carefully selected and designed range of products is ideal to give you all the support education professionals need in creating what every child needs and deserves, throughout their education – mentally healthy schools.

The emotional well being journals, at all key stages, offers dynamic and ‘real life’ learning for children off all abilities. At a time when the curriculum area of Social, Emotional and Mental Health is under rapid development in schools, these journals and the associated Mental  Health Standards offer high quality support and guidance . They are well worth the investment, and ensure that we create “Mental Wealth“ in our children and young people.

– Professor Barry Carpenter CBE,OBE,PhD.

  • Our Being Me: Emotional Well-Being Journal allows children to explore and develop their own emotional intelligence, either independently or under staff and/or parental supervision.
    I purchased two so I gave the other to a friend to use with her 5-year-old. She loves it. It gives a change to do guided, but fun expressive writing. It’s focused time which develops not only their literacy but also emotional wellbeing. I love them and they should be given to all children!  – Mine Conkbayir, Author, Speaker & Trainer
  • Aimed at independent use by children at KS2/3, this Mental Wealth Journal assumes a year of transitions, a period of changes in school, changes in the body and increasing freedoms that require youngsters to make reflective and appropriate choices.
  • Subtitled ‘Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff’, this KS4 Mental Health Journal’s starting point is that there is much to be angry about - from personal issues to worldwide concerns. It explains that this high state of arousal has an impact upon the body and upon the clarity of the mind. Aimed at 14-15 year olds, it addresses the young person who is feeling overwhelmed, thinking about things that could go wrong and who has a roller-coaster emotions.
  • Small and discreet enough to fit in a blazer pocket, the Live Out Loud Self-Awareness Journal looks like a used notebook. The images are graffiti and scribble-like, as if someone had been doodling. The pages appear thumbed and ink-stained. In fact, it looks subversive which is entirely in keeping with the polarised behaviour and opinions of this age group. Neuroscience tells us that the teenage brain is going through a pruning process, reworking its pathways. This Journal allows the young person to explore those things to which they are ‘at cause’ and to which they are ‘at effect’, asking them to take a position of empowerment as they move into being a young adult.
  • Our booklet ‘Using Mental Health Standards in Early Years Settings‘ helps staff in a variety of settings to provide a mentally healthy climate for growing and learning.
  • Stress Hearts

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    Using Mental Health Standards

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    Using Mental Health Standards is Butterfly Print's guide to help staff to provide a mentally healthy climate for growing and learning
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    Practical Solutions for Managing Behaviour and Mental Health in Schools is a realistic guide for classroom teachers who need to respond to the Department for Education’s publication. The publications explains the rationale for a school’s responsibility, teaching and learning styles that support positive mental health and some guidance on approaches to the main types of mental health problems - in short, it genuinely offers Practical Solutions!
  • Mental Health and Behaviour in Schools for Managers is a response to the Department for Education’s publication of March 2016. The DfE non-statutory advice clarifies the responsibility of the schools, outlines what you can to support a child or young person’s whose behaviour may be related to an unmet mental health need.
  • The Primary Mental Health Sample Toolkit will help schools meet the needs of new guidelines around mental health in schools published by the Department for Education in July 2018. The draft guidance will become compulsory in all schools across the country, and will put in place the building blocks needed for positive and safe relationships of all kinds.
    All schools will teach children about good physical and mental health, how to stay safe on and offline, and the importance of healthy relationships.
    Butterfly Print currently supply Mental Health resources to hundreds of schools around the UK, order yours now!
  • A colourful journal/activity booklet, aimed at children and young people across key stages, from year 6 and upwards. This gives children and young people the opportunity to reflect and share some of the often overwhelming emotions and experiences they will have had whilst in lockdown,  and may continue to experience once back at school.
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