Mental Health Teacher Toolkit

Mental Health Teacher Toolkit


The new Mental Health Teacher Toolkit from Butterfly Print brings together three of our most popular staff mental health resources:

  • Mental Health and Behaviour in Schools for Managers outlines what you can to support a child or young person’s whose behaviour may be related to an unmet mental health need.
  • Practical Solutions for Managing Behaviour and Mental Health in Schools explains the rationale for a school’s responsibility, teaching and learning styles that support positive mental health and some guidance on approaches to the main types of mental health problems.
  • Using Mental Health Standards is Butterfly Print’s guide to help staff to provide a mentally healthy climate for growing and learning.


Practical Solutions for Managing behaviour and mental health in schools

Practical Solutions for Managing Behaviour and Mental Health in Schools does what it says on the cover. It sets out matter-of-fact understanding about mental health needs with examples of good practice that will enable you to deliver the intentions of the government document. These ways of working are offered as suggestions; they may only require adjustments to what you already do. This is an excellent resource for newly qualified teachers and for Teaching Assistants with responsibility for challenging pupils.

Mental Health and behaviour in schools for managers

This publication goes to the next stage. It brings together a wealth of knowledge about promoting positive mental health in schools with examples of good practice that will enable managers to deliver the intentions of the government document. You are offered recent and relevant understandings about behaviour and mental health, ways to develop a contemporary behaviour policy with practical examples of recording and monitoring that you can use as a template.

Butterfly Print Using Mental health Standards Booklet

The Mental Health Standards provide you with a pathway to success by identifying the key principles of a mentally healthy school, taking you through the auditing process and showing you how to evidence your outcomes in the 9 units of development;

1. Leadership, management and managing change
2. Policy development
3. Curriculum planning and resources
4. Learning and teaching
5. School culture and environment
6. Giving Children and Young people a Voice
7. Provision of support services
8. Staff professional development , needs and welfare
9. Partnerships with parents and Local communities

Theses 9 units are aligned with Ofsted performance areas therefore working through the Standards will deliver success outcomes in the inspection of Emotional Health and Well-being. Using Mental Health Standards ensures your school is confidently delivering a whole school approach to emotional well-being and mental wealth.

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