Using Mental Health Standards

Using Mental Health Standards

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Using Mental Health Standards is Butterfly Print’s guide to help staff to provide a mentally healthy climate for growing and learning


The Mental Health Standards provide you with a pathway to success by identifying the key principles of a mentally healthy school, taking you through the auditing process and showing you how to evidence your outcomes in the 9 units of development;

1. Leadership, management and managing change
2. Policy development
3. Curriculum planning and resources
4. Learning and teaching
5. School culture and environment
6. Giving Children and Young people a Voice
7. Provision of support services
8. Staff professional development , needs and welfare
9. Partnerships with parents and Local communities

Theses 9 units are aligned with Ofsted performance areas therefore working through the Standards will deliver success outcomes in the inspection of Emotional Health and Well-being.

Using Mental Health Standards ensures your school is confidently delivering a whole school approach to emotional well-being and mental wealth.

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