Secondary Mental Health Resources

One of our key aims when we started our business was to make it easier for education professionals to access secondary mental health resources. It is widely agreed that mental health of children is a key area to cover, but often educators and childcare professionals find that they don’t have the right tools available to manage and discuss mental health issues. Our mental health resources are designed in consultation with widely respected independent mental health consultant Marilyn Tucknott to meet the needs of professionals and children across every stage of development. As well as personal journals for independent use, we offer a variety of tools and resources for staff to support the mental and emotional well-being of the children in their care, helping professionals at every level to meet and exceed the DfE and Ofsted guidelines for mental health.

For the secondary education sector, we have created some Secondary Mental Health Resources with this in mind.

Key Stage 3

Butterfly Print Live Out Loud Mental Health Journal“Live Out Loud – A Self-awareness Journal” is a discreet notebook, designed to appeal visually to the target demographic in Key Stage 3. This journal enables and empowers young people as they transition from Primary education to Secondary and from child to young adult.

Key Stage 4

Butterfly Print It's All in the Mind Mental Health Journal“It’s All in the Mind: Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff” is aimed at 14-15 year olds and addresses the young person who is feeling overwhelmed, thinking about things that could go wrong and who has a roller-coaster emotions.

Using Mental Health Standards
Butterfly Print Using Mental health Standards Booklet

Our guidance document on ‘Using Mental Health Standards‘ takes you step-by-step through the auditing process to allow your school to successfully use the Mental Health Standards

Mental Health and Behaviour in Schools for Managers


Mental Health and behaviour in schools for managersOur booklet ‘Mental Health and Behaviour in Schools for Managers’ is a response to the DfE’s non-statutory advice publication of March 2016, which clarified the responsibility of schools to support a child or young person’s mental health needs. It brings together a wealth of knowledge about promoting positive mental health in schools with examples of good practice that will enable managers to deliver the intentions of the government document.

Practical Solutions


Practical Solutions for Managing behaviour and mental health in schoolsOur booklet ‘Practical Solutions for Managing Behaviour and Mental Health in Schools’, meanwhile, offers what it says on the cover – practical solutions for classroom scenarios to support positive mental health. This is an excellent resource for newly qualified teachers and for Teaching Assistants with responsibility for challenging pupils.

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