Primary Planner

The Butterfly Print Primary Planner has been created using years of experience to manage the communication of homework and reading requirements, the clear communication of key dates in the school year and to offer emotional support to children and parents.

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Is your Primary Planner doing everything it might for the investment you make?

Created in partnership with Koa Ltd, our Primary Planner addresses mental well-being as well as offering all the advice that parents need about school procedures, safety and responsibilities. It is more than value for money …

Improve Home-School Links and support your pupils emotional well-being with the fastest selling Primary Planner on the market; the ultimate planner to ensure partnership between home and school and successful learning.

  • A home-school planner for recording key dates and actions
  • Daily home-school messages space
  • Daily homework diary
  • Daily reading record
  • Excellent suggestions on how to support reading and spelling with key words at KS1 and 2 and key mathematical and scientific language
  • Half-termly learning review pages to involve the children and celebrate success
  • Half-termly target pages

With safety:

  • Consent forms – E-safety, school trips and more – which can be torn out and returned to school.
  • Good advice to parents on everyday situations- the ‘what if’ situations of being late, feeling ill, moving house and more.

and emotional support for parents and children:

  • Reassurance and suitable actions for parents in challenging situations- bullying and being a bystander, dealing with bereavement, separation and loss, growing up ‘early’ and how to build resilience.
  • Sound practical advice to develop emotional well-being- dealing with peer pressure, making and maintaining friendships and more

An A5 durable planner, a page per day communication tool, tons of pages of educational advice and of emotional well-being advice written by an educational and mental health consultant that will fit with your school ethos and practice.

  •  Any form of school diary will support home-school links.
  •  This Primary Planner does so much more.
  •  It will deliver what you want to say about your school’s relationship with parents/carers.
  •  It is evidence of a true home/school partnership

Here’s what our customers say about our Primary Planner:

Our school gets their mental health information directly into the hands of its pupils and their parents/carers through a new kind of school planner with excellent outcomes… The school planner has been changed to include sections on mental health, emotional well-being and resilience. Every child receives one and parents read it and there’s a section for parents to support children and signposting parents to mental health links